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General Terms And Conditions:

Our fixed wing charters include night/day, IFR and VFR flights.

Personal baggage shall be limited to a maximum of 20kg per person (small, soft bags only) including hand luggage.  Excess baggage will only be permitted if approved and arranged with Flight Operations prior to the flight. A charge of USD 15 per kilogram luggage over weight will be levied.

The flight is subject to the relevant flight clearance/s being obtained.  Furthermore, the flight shall operate during daylight operating hours only, unless the destination airport is fully equipped with night landing facilities.

Flights are strictly subject to runway conditions and serviceability.  In the event that the destination airport is unsuitable for our aircraft to land at or take off for any reason , we will divert to the nearest alternative airstrip.

United Air Charters accepts no responsibility for any delays or diversions caused due to unforeseen circumstances (mechanical breakdowns, adverse weather, air traffic control or any other cause).  However, we will endeavour to rectify the situation to the best of our ability.

Quotations are subject to aircraft availability on the date of confirmation.

Quotations are subject to change, due to any increases in costs and will have to be revised closer to the date of departure, unless otherwise stated on the quotation.  Please take note of the “price valid for” date on your quotation.

United Air Charters reserves the right to utilize any unused part of the aircraft on an empty leg.

Cancellation Policy                                                                    

United Air Charters reserves the right to charge the following cancellation fees:

  1. 25% of total quote amount if cancelled within 72 hours prior to departure.
  2. 50% of total quote amount if cancelled within 48 hours prior to departure.
  3. 100% of total quote amount if cancelled within 24 hours prior to departure.